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Chunky Glitter Instructions (loose or dip)

Applying chunky glitter (dip powder liquids)

1. Pour glitter into a container or cupcake liner.

2. Base coat.

3. Lay nail ontop of glitter, this helps the glitter lay more flat on the nail.

4. Gently press the glitter down using finger or finger covered in baggy/glove (to keep the base from getting on your skin)

5. Repeat steps #1-4, two to three times, until you reach desired thickness/coverage.

6. Dip in one layer of clear to encapsulate glitter.

7. Activate.

8. Let dry for 2 minutes.

9. Buff and file.

10. Activate.

11. Wait 15 seconds

12. Swipe with an alcohol prep pad.

13. Dry with a paper towel.

14. Top with your top coat on all ten nails. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute.

15. Add second coat of top coat.

Let dry for 2 minutes.


Gel Method:

Pour glitter into a container or cupcake liner.

1. Base coat

2. Lay finger flat in glitter

3. Pat glitter down as much as possible using a finger/glove/ baggie

4. Clean cuticles with toothpick, orange stick, dotting tool 

5. Cure 30 seconds

6. Repeat as necessary

(add a layer of clear but that is personal preference)

7. Top coat and cure 30 seconds

8. Wipe with alcohol

9. Top coat and cure full 60 seconds.

If you still feel glitter, repeat with another top coat.