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Dip Powder Instructions for Dip Liquids

Applying dip powder with Dip liquids
Prep nail:
1. Remove cuticle from nail using cuticle pusher or by lightly buffing. Do not over buff the nail. 
2. Wipe nails with alcohol prep pad or cotton ball soaked in acetone. 
3. Let nails dry completely. At least 2-5 minutes before starting dip process. 
Apply dip powder:
1. Set dip container into cupcake liner to catch any loose powder that may spill over when dipping. 
2. Base coat.
3. Dip nail into powder at a slanted angle, to make sure you get powder on all of the nail. 
4. Gently tap the finger you just dipped with another finger overtop of the powder jar to get any access powder off. 
5. Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush off access powder. 
6. Repeat steps #1-5, two to three times, until you reach desired thickness/coverage. 
7. Dip in one layer of clear if desired to protect color during buffing/filing.
8. Buff and file
9. Activate.
10. Let dry for 2 minutes.
11. Buff and file.
12. Activate.
13. Wait 15 seconds
14. Swipe with an alcohol prep pad.
15. Dry with a paper towel.
16. Top with your top coat on all ten nails. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute.
17. Add second coat of top coat.  Let dry for 2 minutes. 
18. Cuticle oil around the nails to help keep cuticles healthy and happy!